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Last few months ago.. I am wondering if..

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I can grow them outside in the ground until before frost, I will dig them and put them in pots to bring them indoor and sitting underlight for winter time.. Have you guys tried it before?? Thank you, Kat. Hi Scott. Cut down the stems that have already flowered.

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Not the ones that have yet to flower. No, Heliconias are not deciduous like Cape York Lilies are. Cape York Lilies die down in winter dry season because they experience drier conditions during that time. Heliconias prefer some moisture all year round. Though if you live in cold winter region dont keep it to moist during winter or the Heliconia could rot.

Good Luck. Scott, I have grown around varieties of Heliconias both in the tropics and subtropics. I won't lie to you, your climate is very marginal for most species of Heliconia but you should be able to grow at the least H. These are very tough and cold tolerant. Best of luck to you. My advise is if you want to grow good Heliconias Move to Queensland. Scot, you could also add H.

Or you could move to Victoria and have the freedom to grow lots of different exotic flowering Ornamental Banana's; but maybe that's a topic for another day. Hi Guys, I am another unfortunate person with a Heliconia craving in a bloody cold area. I have the same climate as coastal Sydney. Also we have to watch our summers heatwaves with peaks of 47C last Tuesday. Heliconias are possible, but only with a lot of effort. Protect your plant from cold wind as this can chill the stem causing the plant to die back to the ground.

They may handle the air temperature, but wind chill will get them every time. Also Heliconias in our area must have excellent drainage. We are a winter rain area and this is dangerous for Heliconias. Hordes of friendly locals crowd the bar and spill out onto the sidewalk, sharing huge bottles of beer and enjoying the excellent pataniscas de bacalhau Portuguese salt cod fritters.

Rio has a vibrant dance culture that has been here for hundreds of years. During the week, Carioca de Gema in Lapa is a reliable option. Here you can shuffle the night away to live music played by some of the best samba bands in Brazil. The dance movements are all very much about close encounters — the steps are a little more rigid compared to the fluid moves of samba, but once you get the hang of it, it's just as addictive. Complete with a laid back, bohemian vibe, hundreds of year olds start their evenings here before heading to the many nearby bars and restaurants.

Free sporadic entertainment is on offer and might include live bands, jugglers, pop-up theatre shows and skateboarders. You can while the entire night away under the stars here, meeting new friends and enjoying the cheap drinks sold by street vendors. Lapa is the most popular area for bar hopping in the whole of Rio de Janeiro.

On the upside, it would be hard to find another foliage plant that quite evokes the feeling of tropical lushness. Even where you live you will be able to grow a wide range of them. When I have a large clump in full flower it is always admired by garden visitors especially visitors from temperate areas such as Sydney and Melbourne because they can only dream of growing them.

Some of the better performers for the subtropics besides H. I know that these are varieties that are available in Brisbane but they are very expensive down there, it might pay to shop around. We have an acre so I suppose there is plenty of room. They are not that dear to buy if you shop around. If you don't want heliconias that will take over and send runners everywhere, stay away from psittacorum spelling??

They are hardy and impossible to kill,but some of them are considered weeds up here, especially the orange one.

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They will take over and require a lot of maintenance, otherwise you will have nothing but heliconias in your garden and your neighbours' too. Although, they might not be too bad down in Gold Coast being subtropics and all If you want to see different variety of heliconia and ginger, don't miss the ginger festival at Yandina Sunshine Coast. Even though it is expensive there, you can just have a look on what is available and have a talk with some experts about different heliconias and their requirements.

Thanks so much to you all for your advice. I'm a bit apprehensive to go with the large heliconias after hearing they are pretty high maintenance. Are the dwarf ones worth a go or should I just go all out and try the larger varities and just keep them under control is this possible? Personally, I prefer slightly larger variety.

Those bihai varieties don't get as big and they are quite nice and form a clump. My favourite is orthotrica they form a smaller clump too Orthotricha should do alright on the Gold Coast. Small winter flowering clumping varieties such as H. Only buy ones that clump. I completly agree that you stay away from Psittacorums.

Find a plant…

Chartaceae Extra Sexy Pink is very nice. Birdiana is nice also Hot Rio Nights. Like any plant you must control it not the other way around. Heliconias are shallow rooted and can easily be dug out and split. Wish you well Ian. Best thing to do is buy an enormous vase and pick the flowers after a few weeks and enjoy them indoors for another week or so. Thank you everyonefor your wonderful help and advice - I paid a visit to Horganics today at Chandler and Debbie was very helpful- I have in hand my first lot of heliconias.

Will let you know how I go. The big ones like Caribea, Bihai, etc. Digging up a clump of towering stems is quite a job, but depending on how much you want to contain them, you dont really need to replant often. At my parent's place I've just left the same caribea clump in the same spot for up to 4 years and let it grow more beautiful with each year.

It's a clumper, so it doesnt exactly take over but all the seedlings that pop up around it might!

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All I do in terms of maintenance to such a clump is ensure the removal of spent stems, bad leaves, weak stems, etc. I think I have some Psittacorums in my garden. I don't know where they came from and they responded very well to my giving them a bit more water and feed! Boy, did they grow. They've got a yellowy-green flower not much different to the foliage.