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All our tables leave the factory pre-sealed.

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Since we do not like to paint the surface of our lovely stones with transparent paints or resins, we apply three coats of the highest possible level of protective penetrating sealant. This will preserve both your table and the natural feel of the stone.

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The sealant allows you to have a few hours between the moment the staining agent wine, coffee, perfume, etc comes in contact with the stone and the moment you wipe it off. So, if wine spills on your table, you will need to wipe it off within a few hours to avoid permanent staining.

This piece has been treated with a neutral sealer which not only helps protects it from staining, but also ensures it is suitable for use with food. Please be aware however, that natural stone will always retain some level of absorption and therefore products with a high acid, fat or oil content should never be placed on it. Any liquids should be wiped off as quickly as possible. Verde Alpi.

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He loves me, He loves me not…. The couplet is repeated until the all of the petals are discarded; the line spoken when the final petal is plucked divines the truer statement.

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While the rhyme can be gendered in any direction our heterocentric, traditionalist media would have you belive the ritual is the preserve of lovelorn adolescent girls and their younger counterparts. A nosegay?

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Faust: What? Margaret: You will laugh at me, do go! Faust: What are you murmuring? Margaret [half aloud]: He loves me — loves me not! Faust: Sweet, heavenly vision! Margaret [goes on]: Loves me — not — loves me — not-.

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Faust: Yes, my child! He loves you! You understand that word and what it means?