Maha-ka: Sorcerer Samurai (Agent Samurai, Vampire-Hunter Book 6)

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Something Missing or Misplaced? I can't find the card I want! Is it not in the game? Other guide version! Once you've found the card check the directory to see who has it! Dragon Thousand Dragon. Destroyer D. Crazy Beast D. Crow D. Guide D. Scout Plane D. Survivor D. Unicorn Knight D.

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Warrior D. Warrior Lady D. Borderline D.

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Designator D. Level Modulation Level Up! Big Core MK-2 B. Covered Core B. Crystal Core B.

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Normal Monsters : Alexandrite Dragon D. Goalkeeper U. Midfielder U. Mighty Slugger U. Powered Jersey U. Blockbacker U. Dreadnought Dunker U. Playmaker U. Signing Deal U. I ripped this info off the wiki and put it into this guide for ease of access while playing, and the wikis never perfect, so let me know if something is out of place or wrong.

Current Work In Progress. Portaddict 16 hours ago.

I'd like to point out that Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon is also not on this list. Yes, i've done the search. Midoriya Izuku 27 Jul pm. Vanitys Emtiness is not found in Grandpa Mutos pack. Broke Thief 26 Jun am. BeesKnees 3 May pm. There are some missing for people who are looking like the Doomking Balerdroch was a card i just got from bakura and i didnt see it on this list. Doomking balerdroch? I was told it was on this game.. Shoko Nishimiya 5 Mar am. Hey man, ty u so much for this guide, save me a lot of time for research specific cards. I thought it was an effect monster. Thanks For the List!

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Marc Olden. Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter 5. Susan G. Shadows Over Somerset. Bob Freeman. Melissa F.

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The Silence. Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Tony and the Beetles. Philip K. The Banshee and the Witch. Kathryn Meyer Griffith. Man on Ice. Humphrey Hawksley. October Murder by Magic. Rosemary Edghill. A Very Bad Virgin. Bernard Veale. Chrissy Peebles.

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Random House. Nosferatu's Assassin. Knight Bybee. Teresa Vanmeter.

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Kariss Vampire Morsels. Joleene Naylor. Werewolf Hunting. Heather Beck.

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Nobody's Inn. Andy Love. Dale Broda Jr. Detective Dot. Sophie Deen. Vina Lockhart. Something for Everyone.


Caron Rider. A Wolf in the Woods. Mark Knight. Mirror Mirror Alien Detective Agency. Jane A C West. The Brothers Blackblade. Vladimir Duran. The Legend of the Morning Star. Elizabeth McCoy.