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Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Jack is back, for Paul Wilson's engaging, self-employed, off-the-books fixer, Repairman Jack, returns for another intense, action-packed adventure just a little over the border into the weird, in The Haunted Air. In Astoria, Queens, the lively ethnic neighborhood just across the river from Manhattan, a house is being haunted by the ghost of a nine-year-old girl in riding clothes.

More than two decades before, she'd been abducted from stables in Brooklyn. Now it's up to Jack to uncover the truth of her story and liberate the pretty, blond spirit.

The Haunted Air: Repairman Jack Series, Book 6 (Unabridged)

Perhaps the answer is in the odd little store called the Shurio Coppe? Ah, but that would be telling. Jack does things no human being should be able to do, but we watch, in horrified fascination, as the forces of evil seem about to triumph and fill the world with eternal darkness.

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Repairman Jack: The Haunted Air 6 by F. Paul Wilson (2004, Paperback, Revised)

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F. Paul Wilson

Agents Of Light And Darkness. Simon R.

ШЕРЛОК ХОЛМС И ДОКТОР ВАТСОН (советский сериал все серии подряд)

I wish there were 30 books. What made the experience of listening to Nightworld the most enjoyable? The resolution of plotlines laid out over a couple dozen novels. Jack is always a favorite. He is like an old friend after more than a dozen novels.

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The final battle with Rasalom. An epic ending to an epic story. If you could rename Nightworld, what would you call it? Any additional comments? It all comes together here Having just finished this final chapter, I feel exhausted by the sheer immensity of the story. These stories are the very definition of the term: Epic. This ends the Repairman Jack series for me. One of my favorites that I burn through annually. The only bummer in this book is the mispronounced Hawaiian words. It's painful for me to listen to. I try to ignore it but I can't, it's bad. Wasn't a problem when I was reading it. I had read this book about 10 years ago and only remembered the parts about the bugs. I really liked the characters and the way they were brought together.

I also really like the way the "forces in the universe" were explained. I sure hope so.

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I sure hope so Dispite the ongoing hatred I have for Willsons injection of "The Otherness" into what would have otherwise been a phenomenal franchise of Repair Man Jack and his fixes, this book kept pace and interest for most of the story. Sadly, the anticlimactic end drags on and on to a point where you don't really care if a Racoshi jumps out and castrates Jack and Glaken together, as long as a conclusion is reached.

If you've made it through the series, you have to read this one. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? As the ending to the Adversary Cycle and Repairman Jack stories it closes the series very well. Jack, being torn between his family and his part in the fight make him an excellent character,. Which character — as performed by Christopher Price — was your favourite? Pretty much all of them, the voice acting was excellent. A very good book, its not a stand alone one, and requires at least reading the Adversary Cycle.